PBS Utah Launches a Podcast, More Than Half, Focusing on Women’s Issues

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 10:15am

More Than Half, PBS Utah’s new podcast hosted by award-winning journalist and podcast producer, Andrea Smardon, uncovers serious challenges facing Utah women and why it takes everyone, regardless of gender, to overcome them. More Than Half launches on Tuesday, October 27.

Gender inequality clearly persists today: Utah continues to rank worst in the nation in terms of women’s equality. In More Than Half, Smardon hears from trailblazers in the state who are raising awareness, challenging perspectives, and creating change.

In each episode, Smardon and her guests explore a variety of topics including work-life balance; reproductive and maternal health; healthcare access; women in politics; childcare; wage and education gaps; violence prevention; and more.  

Through an intersectional lens, More Than Half delivers thoughtful insights, provides solutions, and creates the possibility for a better world with stronger, more just and productive communities.

“I’m glad that PBS Utah is venturing into the podcast medium and exploring these issues in a way that we haven’t heard before. As a journalist who has covered the persistent challenges facing Utah women, it’s exciting to work on a project focused on solutions,” said Smardon. 

More Than Half looks at more than just gender issues in Utah, but at the stories behind those whose lives have been most impacted. Ashley Swansong, producer of the podcast said, “Listening and talking with our guests, we were humbled by their experiences, identities, and the often-daily oppression they feel. We quickly discovered the overlapping complexity of the issues, and how at the root, they affect us all, whether you know it or not.”

As Utah’s storyteller, doing a podcast is one more way for PBS Utah to reach audiences and tell the stories that matter to Utahns. Associate Digital Producer, Alicia Rice said, “I learned about the complexities of women’s lives in Utah. I’m excited to tell the stories of these change-makers!” 

More Than Half will unpack the stigmas and struggles of Utah women and open meaningful dialogue in an effort to empower women to push for change. However, before true gender equality can happen, it’s important to listen and understand that these aren’t just women’s issues, but issues that affect everyone.  

Listeners can subscribe to More Than Half on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms. For more information and updates visit: pbsutah.org/morethanhalf or follow PBS Utah on Facebook and Twitter.

More Than Half Host: 
Andrea Smardon has covered issues affecting the lives of women, from the personal to the political. She has worked in several public radio newsrooms around the country and founded her own independent podcast company, Smardon Productions. She is the host and creator of the podcasts Changing Our Stories and Next Door Strangers.

More Than Half Producers 
Ashley Swansong is a producer in PBS Utah’s Digital Media department. She’s passionate about meaningful stories that invite us to discover and connect with each other. She produced the series Verve and Let’s Talk: How to Talk to Kids About Race, and also co-hosts and co-produces PBS Utah’s series Modern Gardener.

Alicia Rice is an associate digital producer at PBS Utah. With a background in documentary film, she hopes to create work that redefines ideas of what it means to be an educator. She has also worked for an alternative education group in Thailand, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, taught film to students with Youth Cinema Project, and contributed to The NEST, a child-led playscape. 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 10:15am

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