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Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 7:00pm

PBS’ Summer of Adventure continues in August with two new series — one exploring the vast Australian outback and one that journeys through Mexico.

Outback, airing Wednesdays August 1-15 at 7:00 p.m., explores the people and animals of Australia’s Kimberley region in the northern part of western Australia — a vast, rugged, and remote wilderness bursting with character. Wonders of Mexico, airing the same Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m., travels south along Mexico’s mountain spine, through the tropical forests of the Maya, and across the deserts of Northern Mexico to discover amazing wildlife and culture.

 As large as California, the Kimberley region has a population of only about 40,000 people, who live alongside animals that have adapted to the harsh and beautiful extremes of their habitat. 

Australia’s expansive Kimberley region is a startling landscape that can appear arid and empty, but is filled with animals that have adapted to its climate. Many are nocturnal, well camouflaged or prone to secrecy — from creatures like the saltwater crocodile to the most delicate of marsupial mice. Outback captures the life of these animals over the course of the dramatic wet and dry seasons that dictate their cycles of life.

From the Outback’s red-hot heart, to its spectacular and pristine coastline, a particular breed of people also inhabits the land. They are the indigenous custodians whose understanding of the land, its animals, and its seasons harks back to the oral storytelling of ancient generations. They live together on some of the world’s most remote cattle properties battling heat, flies, and the sheer breadth of their grazing lands.

The Kimberley region boasts some of the most spectacular wilderness — and tough characters — in existence. As the wet season comes to an end, humans and animals begin their adventures across the diverse and surprising landscape, living in dangerous, and exquisite, proximity.

Life remains active in the dry season. Turtles lay eggs, young birds take their first flights, and cattle are rounded up from far corners for rodeos. Indigenous people lead archeologists through remote wilderness to see breathtaking galleries of ancient rock art. Expert divers venture into ocean depths looking for spectacular pearls.

Inland Kimberley gets so stiflingly hot, everything and everyone moves with caution. The region’s remaining waterholes are packed with animals. Scientists wade into crocodile-infested waters in Windjana Gorge. Thousands of shorebirds converge on the coast from the world’s longest single migration. The humidity builds until the skies finally explode with thunder and rain.

Wonders of Mexico, airing at 8:00 p.m. immediately following each episode of Outback, begins in the Forest of the Maya.  Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, once ruled by the Mayan people, is a forest rich in wildlife, including monkeys, jaguars, and vibrant tropical birds.  It also hides a secret underworld which holds the key to life.

Mountains dominate Mexico, shaping life and culture in this diverse land. Travel south to discover black bears, fiery volcanoes, exquisite birds, and millions of monarch butterflies.

A journey across Northern Mexico reveals a rich community of desert wildlife.  From prairie dogs fighting snakes, bats hunting scorpions, and tiny owls living in giant cacti, the animals of the desert have found clever ways to survive against the odds.


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