The Most Pinkertastic Holiday is here!

New episodes of Pinkalicious and Peterrific air this week on PBS Kids! We have a feeling you are going to LOVE them!


Pink Love / Duocorn – Mon 2/11, 2/14
- It's Valentine's Day in Pinkville and Pinkalicious can't wait to show her classmates her homemade cards, but when they suddenly get destroyed, she needs to come up with a creative solution, fast!
- Pinkalicious and her unicorn friend Goldilicious compete in an imaginary race - the Great Unicorn Challenge! 

Monkey Dance / Royal Peacock Dance – Tue 2/12
- Pinkalicious and Peter are surprised when they find a monkey outside their treehouse! What will Mommy say?
- Pinkalicious' class is putting on a dance recital and whoever has the best posture gets to wear the Royal Peacock Crown! Who will get to be the Royal Peacock? 

Star Light, Star Not So Bright / The Opera-matic  - Wed 2/13
- A star from the heart-shaped constellation has landed in the Pinkerton backyard! Will they be able to return the star to its friends in the night sky?
- With Mommy's latest invention, the Opera-matic, anything you say sounds like opera! Until the machine suddenly breaks...

Fashion Fun / Welcome Pinka Bear - Fri 2/15
- Jasmine, Lila and Pinkalicious are inspired by fashion designs to create their own, but when Pinkalicious' design comes apart she learns to use some innovation...
- A baby pinka bear has been born at Pinkville Zoo!