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Jorge Rojas, Performance Artists and Educator

Having lived and worked as an artist in Brooklyn, NYC, Seattle, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and now Salt Lake City, Utah; Jorge Rojas’ work is all over the map, from painting and sculpture to performance and site-specific art. “Much of my work is based in contradictions: organic and technological, corporeal and spiritual, order and chaos, virtual and real.” explains Rojas.

Rojas uses new media as an art medium to investigate communication systems and the effects technology has on artistic production, social structures and communities. “By examining the relationships between artist, viewer and artwork, I explore how we communicate, how we perceive one another and why we adopt and play out certain roles within our societies."

Participatory action and interactivity are also present in his work as he constructs environments where communicative and social encounters between the public and the artist and artwork can take place.


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