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David Ezekiel Brooks, Design Engineer

David Ezekiel Brooks learned about design and innovation at a young age when he began breaking apart his toys to see how they were built. It also helped that he grew up with his innovative grandfather, who created their sustainable home with solar power. Today, David takes these lessons of innovation into the community. One of his most recent projects is the Hope Lockers, a mobile storage unit designed for and with the input of homeless people. The units are free to anyone and allow the homeless and less fortunate take a load of weight off their backs while they go to appointments and other engagements.

Currently, David is working on a project that turns old shipping containers and other recycled materials into homes that are affordable, sustainable, and innovative. As he says, “Being able to use something that is garbage is a fantastic, innovative way of integrating trash into new living situations.”

David’s approach to creativity speaks volumes. His creativity comes from his ability “to incorporate and integrate everything into a solution.” He sees creativity as “...tapping into this different energy that's not necessarily you… channeling some sort of external energy.”

David approaches projects and concepts through what he calls “Freestyle Flow” —an open stream of words and ideas which lets him develop things that are beyond the normal approaches of science and project development. “I've done more research on the psychological and the cognitive effects of freestyle and being in that flow state and realized that it's something that not only is super fun but highly impactful with how you develop your brain and how your brain is able to expand and go into different areas of interconnectivity.”

As a design engineer and innovator, David serves as a COO of a product design firm. He also leads the non-profit Revolution United; runs Evoke, a clothing collective; and is starting Venture Share, a business that taps into the Jobs Act. With each of these enterprises, David is able to create and facilitate impactful change.

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