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Dolly Casper, Bioengineer

Dr. Dolly Casper is a bioengineer and inventor who creatively uses the tools of mathematics, physics, engineering and physiology to approach scientific problems in unique ways; she questions the very foundations problems are built upon. For Dr. Casper, the problem isn’t necessarily why a particular thing isn’t working or how to get it to perform better, rather the problem might be the thing its-self. She’s inspired by research that goes past norms and assumptions and deeper into challenges and risks.

For one of her inventions she took the concept of a “Chinese finger trap” and applied it to a biodegradable coil that would wrap around a torn or damaged tendon. This device has the ability to reduce tendon re-ruptures, post-operative immobilization and muscle atrophy. This particular invention started with taking apart a ballpoint pin and examining the spring. 

She has filed 3 patents, won several business plan and idea competitions throughout the US, raising over $200K in non-dilutive funding, and formalized the company NovaBio Technologies. Through out her career, she has been a consultant for several medical device companies, has worked with 8 start-up companies on the development of their technologies and businesses, and is working on the development and licensing of multiple of her own technologies.

Dr. Casper received her B.S. from Utah State University and M.S. and Ph.D. in Bioengineering at the University of Utah. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the area of tissue engineering and stem cells at the University of Utah, and has published over 16 peer-reviewed articles.

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