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Nitin Phadnis, Evolutionary Biologist

“The only thing holding back science is creativity.”  That line was said off camera by one of the post-doctoral scientists in Nitin Phadnis’ lab at the University of Utah.  As a blanket statement, the sentence speaks to the possibilities for discovery and problem solving in scientific discipline.  As a statement specific to the scientist’s work, it speaks to the excitement and environment of working in a lab that is at its core creative.

Nitin Phadnis, who was recently named one of 22 Pew Scholars in the country, is an evolutionary biologist.  He has created a lab that combines genetics and microbiology…two disciplines that for years were considered separate.  He has been published in the most prestigious science magazines in the world, and recently solved a genetics puzzle that had been identified over 100 years ago.  He prides himself on his ability to address fundamental biological questions with novel approaches and current technology.

“Science is an incredibly creative Endeavor,” says Phadnis.  “I am not sure it is as widely appreciated as it should be.”


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