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Ruth Kendrick, Chocolatier

Ruth Kendrick has been making candy and chocolates for more than 50 years. A second-generation chocolatier, she grew up making chocolate with her mother. Eight years ago Ruth started Chocolot Artisan Confections with partners Ryan Kendrick and Brett Smith in Ogden, Utah. Since then she has won many chocolatier awards, appeared on the Food Network with Bobby Flay and Al Roker, and co-authored HP Books’ Candymaking with her mother.

Using high-quality ingredients is essential to creating delicate chocolates and confections, Ruth says. She sources her chocolates from producers in San Francisco, the Caribbean Islands, and Venezuela. She often incorporates locally sourced ingredients like honey and milk while other ingredients come from Italy and France.

Ruth’s uses a variety of ingredients and flavors to make what she likes to say are the “best tasting, freshest, and most visually exciting chocolates available.” She uses natural ingredients such as strawberry and balsamic, pineapple and habanero or roasted espresso with lavender for her signature chocolates and ganaches. The combinations and textures she designs influence how the chocolates’ visual appeal. For instance, for her “Root Beer Float” chocolates, she stirs in white chocolate.

“People are always telling me they're like miniature pieces of art or they'll say they're too pretty to eat. And I say, ‘Yeah, but they're too delicious not to.’”

Ruth says there is a science behind the artistry of a chocolatier. She begins by meticulously selecting a single origin chocolate and other ingredients, then makes sure conditions and temperatures are exact while making the chocolates. The temper or the way the cocoa butter crystals align produces the desired sheen. Then there’s the careful selection of the mold; the shape will affect the layer of ingredients. “It’s just trial and error,” Ruth explains, “You learn. And I've taken a lot of batches to the rescue mission. And that's OK. They like it, too.”


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