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The Bee, True Stories from the Hive

Giuliana Serena is the Beekeeper & Co-Founder of The Bee: True Stories from the Hive. Since its debut in December of 2014, The Bee has been a vibrant container of creativity, a place for Salt Lake City to laugh, cry, and "bee entertained."

Giuliana recognizes the power of stories to create culture and inform our understanding of our lives and the world we live in. She loves seeing community come together, and is especially fond of the magical moments when the lives of storytellers and audience are viscerally interwoven, when a room full of people are completely engaged with one another.

Her commitment to creating a safe and intentional space for storytelling is grounded in her work as a Ceremonialist and Rites-of-Passage Facilitator. She finds great joy and purpose in holding space for others to share authentically, witness one another, and experience transformation; whether that be in wilds of nature, in solemn ceremony, celebration, or the depths of a dark and crowded bar. More than anything, she hopes people come away from The Bee feeling affirmed, connected, and ever more alive.


Ashley Swanson


Ashley Swanson and Carol Dalrymple