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Heidi Moller Somsen, Figure Sculptor

Heidi grew up on the coast of British Columbia where she would often collect shells, wood, moss, rocks, and other materials to build small sculptures. “For me it was more about the materials, so from a young age I was collecting things from nature and making these little assemblage pieces,” she says. “I would work on these pieces and I didn’t really think of them as art, I didn’t know what that was necessarily.”

For Heidi, creating art is a way to "process the vicissitudes of life and to satisfy my curiosities.”

Although she is best known for her large figure sculptures composed of ceramic, drift wood, roots, beeswax, burlap, and other materials, Heidi enjoys experimenting and trying new processes. She often builds a ceramic bust only to cut it up and reassemble it. “There’s this basic sort of representation of the human figure that everybody can relate too, but then adding this layer to it…you’ve got to have a bit of ambiguity, or make it just a little disturbing.”

Heidi works from her home studio in Salt Lake City and teaches figure sculpture at the University of Utah as well as ceramics courses at the Visual Art Institute. She currently has works on exhibit at Philips Gallery and has shown at Miri Gallery and other galleries around the country.


Produced and edited by

Ashley Swanson

Camera work by

Jenny Mauro and Ashley Swanson