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Jonathan Gonzalez, Barista

Jonathan Gonzalez first introduced himself to the culture of coffee when he began brewing pour overs at home with a hand grinder and ceramic Japanese kettle. He also began frequenting coffee shops around Salt Lake City at a time when specialty coffee was just taking hold. When he experienced the siphoned coffee, which is typically served black, at Caffee D’bolla, things changed. “That’s when it hit me that coffee could taste that way.” He explains, “It’s an old way of brewing coffee, it’s one of the cleanest ways to brew coffee and the process takes a lot of time to perfect.” Since then Jonathan has happily immersed himself into the craft of brewing and preparing coffee drinks. 

Many artists feel a responsibility towards presenting their work, but for Jonathan, presenting a coffee drink is about displaying the final stage of coffee’s long journey from coffee cherry to cup. As a barista, he feels that being the last person to touch and process the coffee, is a responsibility. “All that goes behind growing coffee and how it helps communities and then the process of picking and shipping it, and the roasting,” He says, “That’s defiantly something that’s inspiring to me, making the fruit of their labor worth it and bringing out the best.”

Jonathan has worked for Salt Lake City based roasters La Barba (formally Charming Beard), Blue Copper Coffee Room, and Publik Coffee Roasters. He has also worked with Saint Anthony Industries, a local company that manufactures barista tools from aprons to tamps. He is currently Assistant Green Coffee Buyer and Coffee Educator with Publik Coffee. 

His coffee blog is an attempt to document the further changes in the Salt Lake City coffee scene.

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