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Katie Johnston, Metalsmith and Jewelry Maker

Following her artistic sentiments, Katie Johnston became interested in creating jewelry at an early age and naturally found her way into metalsmithing and jewelry design. “I like working in the context of jewelry because it has such a layered personal meaning.” She explains, “It can take a bunch of different forms. It can be a status symbol, or like a metal of honor or a memorabilia, carrying something to remind you of someone you’ve lost or someone you love.”

As an outdoor enthusiast, her jewelry and small metal work is influenced by the natural world, specifically the flora and fauna of the American west. Her work incorporates these themes into unique designs. “Lately I’ve been exploring the concept of the totem animal.” She explains, “People will sometimes have a certain animal that reoccurs in their life, and so they feel a special connection to those animals.”

Katie received her BFA in metals from SUNY New Paltz, New York where she worked with professionals in the art jewelry world. After spending two years honing her skills at the bench of a designer jewelry studio, she left New York to create her own studio in her home town of Salt Lake City.

To see more of Katie’s work visit her Instagram feed.

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Ashley Swanson