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Nicky Keefer, Freeskier

To Nicky Keefer, Utah’s ski resorts and mountains were like a second home. Around age 14 he began pushing the boundaries of conventional skiing and soon ventured into the world of freestyle skiing with its aerials, moguls, cross, half-pipe and slopestyle skiing. Today Keefer is an award-winning professional freeskier who competes internationally.

Keefer, who studies physics at the University of Utah, sees a strong correlation between theoretical physics and how he approaches and thinks about freestyle skiing. Both, he says are built on connecting techniques and formulas to develop something unique and original. "I try to welcome the unknown as much as I possibly can, I don't like to get too constrained...and I think that helps me progress at anything I'm doing."

He believes that being on the forefront of ideas and keeping an open mind to innovation is central to reaching any goal. “You have to be very aware with what everyone is doing, you have to be current.” Explaining his approach to both freeskiing and theoretical physics, he says, “you have to be so obsessed with what you’re doing that you know what hasn’t been done before.”

All winter footage of Nicky Keefer freeskiing is curtesy of The Distillery and Anvi Films


Produced by

Samantha Highsmith

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Ashley Swansong

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The Distillery and Anvi Films