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Latoya Cameron, Actress

When Latoya was 14 years old she surprised her Jr. High School Theatre teacher when she asked to be in her acting class because Latoya was such a quiet and shy girl. But as soon as she stepped on the stage for the first time, something shifted inside her. 

“It was the first time I had heard my voice.” Latoya said. And she has pursued the stage and acting sense then. 

For Latoya the arts, and theatre in particular, is not simply about being entertaining. She sees theatre and storytelling as one of the paths in an evolving society. 

“Yes, there is an aspect of entertainment to it, but it’s always been made for the purpose of unifying us.” Latoya says, “It’s our human experience in front of us…to keep us intact with our humanity.” 

When asked what her favorite part of the acting process was she paused in thought for a while before saying she loves every aspect of it; from the first read through, to stage blocking, lighting, tech rehearsals and then working with the other actors and finally performing in front of an audience. “I find the whole process of theatre, and all the people involved, just mind blowing.” 

Conventional methods of acting have never entirely worked for her development as an actress. The other actors’ character development, the directors instruction and her own intuition and personification all help in shaping the various character she has played. 

“I take a lot from giving to the other actor and then receiving from the other actor.” she explains, “the questions are always answered when I put it on it’s feet.” 

In a sense Latoya uses the characters she plays to reveal a piece of her personal history she grapples with or hides; the part of her personality and emotions that are normally hidden from public and even private life, come out on stage.

“There’s a lot of pieces of me that comes through the characters, and I welcome that. Versus trying to stifle and hide those things…in my real life, come through on stage.” 

Latoya has performed in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Cedar City and Denver. She’s performed with some of Salt Lake City’s leading theatre companies including: Plan-B Theatre Company, Pioneer Theatre Company, and Salt Lake Acting Company, among others. Raised in the small town of Kaysville, Utah, she made her New York City debut in 2012 as the lead in Shelter: The Musical at the New York Musical Theater Festival. She's currently working, in her 3rd summer season, at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, in Cedar City, Utah. 

Special thanks to Plan-B Theatre Company and the Salt Lake Public Library for letting us use their stages for the making of this film.

For more information on Latoya Cameron visit her Facebook page here.

Producer and Editor

Ashley Swanson