Watch Live: House Moves to Impeach President Trump

The first time House Democrats impeached President Donald Trump, the process took several months. This time it’s happening in a matter of days, just as Trump prepares to leave office.

The session is expected to begin at 7AM. MST. Watch the hearing in the player below.

Democrats laid the groundwork Tuesday for a vote requesting that Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office in response to his role inciting the riot at the Capitol last week. 

Pence has signaled he won’t back the plan, but the measure will pave the way for a full House floor vote to impeach the president one week before his term expires

The details surrounding the timing of the impeachment vote were still being worked out Tuesday as Democrats rushed to finalize their plans. A floor vote on whether to impeach is expected Wednesday but could slide to Thursday if Republicans launch objections that slow down the process.

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