Elinor Wonders Why - episode: 119H

Water You Doing? - While walking through the forest, Elinor and friends come across a stream and decide to make a stone walkway across it. What they didn't realize is that the stones they've moved stop the flow of water, which affects the fish living in a pool downstream. The pool gets a lot shallower, because less water gets to it. After observing how important the water flow is to the fish, they decide to remove their walkway and build a log bridge that goes over the stream instead. Thinking About Blinking - Ari is crowned the blinking champion after winning a bunch of intense staring contests at school. As Elinor and Olive try not to blink themselves, Elinor wonders, "why do we need to blink?" The kids then set out to learn everything there is to know about blinking. After a little help from Ms. Mole and observing a fish with no eyelids, the kids learn that most animals blink automatically to help keep their eyes wet and safe.
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