Natural Playgrounds & Urban Wilderness

Discover a few of our favorite green things from eco hangers and natural playgrounds to Segways and a tour of an urban wilderness, this program is an ecological tour like no other. Natural playgrounds are designed by incorporating nature, music and art to stimulate children in a natural holistic way to play. These playgrounds are essential for all cities and give a community a unique way to engage in nature and as a place for social, creative and theatrical play. Smart hangers! Learn why its so important to stop using wire hangers and to create smart hangers by using recycled paper. Find out what has two wheels, runs on electricity and is lots of fun while having a small carbon footprint with zero emissions! The Segway is environmentally friendly while transporting us in a very healthy ecofriendly way! Natural swimming pools are a new environmental approach designed without chlorine, filtered by plants and bacteria without toxic chemicals. These types of pools can cost much less than a tradition concrete pool. Discover why wetlands are so important to the ecosystem? They are a critical part of our natural environment, absorb pollutants, improve water quality and provide habitat for many animals and plants.
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PBS Utah

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 9:30am
25 minutes
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