Brigham Street

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May 2013

It was a street unlike any in the city – a boulevard of grand proportions, the residence of governors, senators, mining magnates, bankers and merchants.

For a time, anyone who was anyone located their home along its wide, tree-lined length that ran a straight shot east from Temple Square to Fort Douglas. From 1880 to the 1930s, the vast majority of Utah’s wealth resided along Brigham Street in the most lavish and opulent neighborhood the region had ever seen. It was a street ruled by capitalism, a magnificent example of the ebb and flow of economics and the impact of a society always on the move.

While many of those homes still stand on South Temple today, many more are gone forever, consumed by the very forces that built them. Those that remain tell the story of a society at its peak and a neighborhood of unrivaled wealth and architectural splendor.

The film, by Issac Goeckeritz, tells the stories of those who lived along the boulevard – Brigham Young, Thomas Kearns, David Keith, Bishop Scanlan, Daniel Jackling, Enos Wall, Susanna Holmes, Mary Harney Judge, Pat J. Moran, Matthew Walker, Samuel Newhouse and John Dern.

It also tells the story of the Cathedral of the Madeleine, the Devereaux Mansion, the Kearns Mansion, the Masonic Temple, the Alta Club, the Bransford Apartments, the Gardo House and other prominent structures.

56 minutes
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