Red blood Blue Blood: The Rivalry

It's a rivalry so powerful that office friendships turn cool...neighbors grow distant...even the faithful in church pews split. It's the nose-to-nose, age-old, and often hilarious showdown between football fans of the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Die-hard red-blooded Utes vs. true-blue-blooded Cougars.

Red Blood, Blue Blood: The Rivalry, hosted by sports luminary Frank Layden, produced by KUED's Joe Prokop, the show delivers first-hand stories through candid conversations with legendary coaches such as LaVell Edwards and Ron McBride. Athletes share their memories of victory and defeat, and, more importantly, of being part of one of the nation's most heated rivalries. Broadcasters and writers such as Bill Marcroft, Dick Rosetta and Paul James share side-splitting anecdotes from behind the scenes.

But the greatest voice is the one that comes from the stands - the men, women and children who don the Red or Blue as a lifetime commitment, and the entertaining lengths they will go to defend their team. Football fans on both sides of the stadium reveal the personality behind the rivalry. Viewers meet "Bubbles," who infamously boogied at The University of Utah's Rice-Eccles Stadium, as well as Cougar fans who ceremoniously paint themselves Smurf-like blue before each game.

"This is so much more than a story of football teams of different colors," says KUED producer/writer/director Joe Prokop. "The program celebrates the spirit and emotion of people who care passionately about their team. It's a showcasing of the lively fans who make this rivalry what it is today. Whether a die-hard red-blooded Ute or a blue-blooded Cougar, Red Blood, Blue Blood will rouse loyalties, inflame school spirit and keep you laughing."

Immediately following Red Blood, Blue Blood, KUED airs Legends of the Rivalry: Ron McBride and LaVell Edwards. In a good-natured conversation, the legendary football coaches reminisce about the generations-old rivalry between their teams -- the University of Utah Utes and the Brigham Young University Cougars. Despite being rivals on the field, they were good friends who got along famously off the field. Their friendship lasts to this day, as reflected in their light-hearted repartee.

Ron McBride, who now coaches at Weber State University, and LaVell Edwards, who is retired, share their philosophy of the rivalry, talk about their storied careers and share stories from the past.

"They said the University was the devil school and BYU was the righteous school," recalls McBride

Quips Edwards, "What else can you be but a devil if you're red."

When McBride took over as head coach of the Utes, one of his goals was to beat BYU. He went on to lead the Utes to victory with a score of 34-31 two years in a row. The two coaches talk about the famous 34-31 showdown and the "34-31" commercials they subsequently were asked to film for a local bank. "We blew every line," laughs McBride. "There were two gorgeous women next to us. Mini-skirts, everything. They think we're actors. They asked us, 'Who's your agent?' We said, 'Morse in L.A.' Then one says to her friend, 'If these two stupid people can get a job with speaking parts, we need to change agents.'"

Despite the joking, their respect for each other is obvious. "To beat a team you need to respect them first and respect what they stand for," says McBride.