Salt Lake City: Once Upon A Time

Salt Lake City: Once Upon A Time

Original Airdate: 
February 2004

Once upon a time, there were no malls in Salt Lake City. Parking was abundant, and anything past 2700 South was considered "out in the sticks." It was the early 1940s -- a time when men wore hats, life revolved around the war effort, youngsters waited in long lines to see Pinocchio at a Center Theater matinee, and everyone dressed in their Sunday best to go downtown.

"Those of us from that decade who are living today are some of the most fortunate people that there were," says Brig Smith, once an employee of Jerry Jones' Rainbow Randezvu dance hall. "The 40s was just a marvelous time to be alive, to be young, and to enjoy the fun. "

Smith's recollections of Salt Lake and other intimate accounts are retold through KUED-Channel 7's production created by Elizabeth Searles, Salt Lake City -- Once Upon A Time. Narrated by former KSL weatherman Bob Welti and complete with an original score by Utahn Mark Chaney, the 90-minute program was written by Searles and Utah radio personality Hans Petersen. Hundreds of archival photographs combine with home movie footage and personal anecdotes to create the video scrapbook of a bygone era.

1 hour 24 minutes
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