The Journey Home: Stories from Hospice

Original Airdate: 
January 2001

Life, sustained in the face of certain death. Relief, from immense pain and suffering. Hope, in the midst of overwhelming despair. These are the gifts and inspirations provided by hospice workers across the nation to over 500,000 terminally ill patients each year.

The Journey Home: Stories from Hospice, examines this medical model through the intimate, candid stories of five Utah hospice patients and their families as they embark on their final journey, with the compassionate help of local hospice workers. Their stories are unique - yet universal.

At a time when medical technology is extending our lives - and making our deaths more lonely, frightening and sterile - hospice steps in to offer a more meaningful way to die, surrounded by loved ones in a familiar environment. Primarily based in the privacy of the patient's home, hospice offers comfort-oriented care when there is no hope for a cure. The Journey Home examines this medical model, presenting five patients who have taken control over where and how they will die.

"In shooting The Journey Home, I was curious about how hospice workers were able to support people at a time when hope for a cure is gone, and death is the only thing that is certain," says KUED Producer Nancy Green. There is nothing more profound, she maintains, than being with somebody as they make the transition between life and death. Green courageously portrays that transition in The Journey Home.

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