Utah Latino Americans

Original Airdate: 
September 2013

In support of the national PBS series, Latino Americans, KUED tells the stories of Utah’s Latino Americans, who make up an estimated 18 percent of Utah’s population. KUED is committed to bringing awareness of the many people who make up the rich fabric of our state and to celebrate their unique contributions to Utah.

Join host Laura Montoya as she talks with six individuals who represent the richness of the Latino experience in Utah – from lawmakers and long-time community activists to professors and students who reflect on what it means to be Latino in Utah in the 21st Century. What kind of world did they leave, what kind of world did they find in Utah, and what kind of world are they building here? What are the challenges of integrating into Utah society? How have they overcome those challenges to find success?

Major funding for Latino Americans is provided by Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Ford Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, The Annenberg Foundation and The Summerlee Foundation. Funding for outreach is supported by a grant from The New York Community Trust.

1 hour 24 minutes