From Ithica to the Amazon

Home Rules New York Attorney Helen Slottje helped towns across New York state protect themselves from fracking, when she utilized a clause in the state constitution that empowers municipalities to make local land use decisions. Dirty Business India With a small internet café as his headquarters, Ramesh Agrawal organized indigenous people to demand their right to information and succeeded in shutting down one of the largest proposed coal mines in Chhattisgarh, India. Corrupting Nature Russia An internationally recognized zoologist, Suren Gazaryan led protests and social networking campaigns exposing Russian President Putin’s illegal use of federally protected forests near the Black Sea. Eagle Eyes Peru Overcoming a history of traumatic violence, Ruth Buendía united the Asháninka people in a powerful campaign against large-scale dams that would have uprooted indigenous communities that were recovering from Peru’s brutal civil war. Habitat for the Endangered Indonesia A biologist by training, Rudi Putra is protecting the habitat of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino by dismantling illegal palm oil plantations that are destroying northern Sumatra’s Leuser Ecosystem. A Segregated Environment South Africa Desmond D’Sa rallied south Durban’s diverse and disenfranchised communities to successfully shut down a toxic waste dump that exposed nearby residents to dangerous chemicals and violated their constitutionally protected right to a safe and clean environment.
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