Utah World War II Stories: VICTORY!

From battle lines in Europe and the Pacific, to service on the home front in Utah, veterans remember the final days of conflict and the spontaneous explosion of joy at the end of World War Two in VICTORY!

Commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the end of the worst conflict in human history, VICTORY! is a unique, first-person account of the service and sacrifice that carried the nation to victory. Drawn from interviews with dozens of Utah servicemen and home front workers who came from every small town and large city, the program remembers a time when the final outcome was still in doubt as a nation unified around a shared purpose.

From the sobering discovery of European concentration camps to the tearful relief of soldiers liberated from Prisoner of War camps, VICTORY! captures a range of emotions and memories, reaching its touching, fullest expression when soldiers return home to Utah.

Consultant Rick Randle on his memories of Word War II, and the creation of the documentary series Utah World War II Stories.

Celebration in Salt Lake City

Interview Transcripts

Disclaimer: The following transcripts may contain language that can be considered offensive. The language has been retained to give an accurate historical record of their remarks.