Rudy Maxa, host of the public television series RUDY MAXA'S WORLD, takes a break during filming one of two 2008 episodes on northern India in downtown Jodhpur. Photo courtesy of RMW Productions.
RUDY MAXA'S WORLD with host Rudy Maxa. Photo courtesy of RMW Productions.

Series: Rudy Maxa's World

Building on five successful seasons of travel shows featuring Europe and the Pacific Rim, award-winning travel journalist Rudy Maxa broadens his horizons - and those of his audience - with the launch of RUDY MAXA'S WORLD. In this new 13-part series, Rudy offers his sophisticated take on a destination's history, culture, architecture, politics and cuisine, while also turning a journalistic eye to the people and lifestyles of Russia, Estonia, Turkey, India, Argentina, Japan and Thailand.

The season begins in India, where Rudy visits the Taj Mahal and the crowded alleys and villages of New Delhi. Later, Rudy indulges in resorts nestled along the Baltic Sea, marvels at the Hermitage's treasures in St. Petersburg, explores the ancient ruins and royal tombs of Turkey's southern coast, learns to tango in Argentina, witnesses a Buddhist ceremony in Kyoto and sails in a long-tailed boat through the canals of Bangkok.

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