Secrets of Westminster "Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament"

Secrets of Westminster - Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Courtesy of Anna Kibblewhite (Pioneer Productions)

Secrets of Westminster

From the outside, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are the classic London scene, the emblems of British democracy and history. Today, this building stands as a monument to a fair and open political system, but was it always so? This film goes inside its gothic walls and reveals the hidden world of the Houses of Commons and Lords; a world of back-stabbing, intrigue and traditions. We'll find out when Big Ben's bells first rang out and what keeps them going (a pile of old pennies...). Through a tour we'll meet some of the people who keep these buildings running today -- from clerks to the "Black Rod" -- a Lord responsible for security, controlling access to and maintaining order within the House.

56 minutes
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