All The World’s a Stage

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February 2020

The stage has long been a space where diverse voices come to life through performance. We’ll see how real-life inspiration and a devoted audience has kept Salt Lake Acting Company’s best-loved musical on the stage for more than 40 years, learn how 1520 Arts fosters a thriving community around Hip Hop arts & performance, and learn the stories of forcibly displaced women who go from running away from war & oppression to parading the catwalk at Women of the World’s annual fashion show.

The Salt Lake Acting Company brings the entertainment close to home with its long-running production, “Saturday’s Voyeur.” The brainchild of local playwright Nancy Borgenicht, and itself a parody of the popular LDS-themed musical “Saturday’s Warrior,” “Saturday’s Voyeur” has delighted viewers with its lovingly satirical take on Utah politics and culture every year since 1978. Enjoy a backstage pass to this laugh-out-loud comedy and see how Nancy Borgenicht has kept the show running all these years.

1520 ARTS (formerly known as the B-Boy Federation) is a Salt Lake City non-profit organization that showcases Hip Hop arts through practice, performance, and education. From classes on street art, beginner Hip Hop, and youth breakin’ to full-on theatre productions and live dance battles in front of cheering crowds, 1520 Arts provides a needed space for kids and adults of all backgrounds to come together under a shared love of Hip Hop culture — and preserve it for the next generation.

Since 2009, Women of the World has helped forcibly displaced women build a new community in Utah, helping them to secure jobs, learn the language, and build connections. The highlight of the year is the annual fashion show, which not only showcases beautiful ethnic fashions from around the world, but introduces Utahns to their newest neighbors in style. For Executive Director Samira Harnish, it’s about women standing with women — combining the best of both cultures, to foster determination and self-reliance.

26 minutes
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