It Takes a Village

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June 2019

From corralling wild bison to running a community radio station, people working together can accomplish amazing things. Meet the horse riders of the annual Bison Roundup, the volunteers, DJs, and staff at KRCL community radio, and the members of African dance group Ngoma y’Africa 

KRCL community radio has provided a soundtrack for Utah’s Wasatch Front since 1979. Originally founded by local community activist Stephen Holbrook, KRCL provides a space for everything from reggae to blues, local bands, world music, hip hop, native music, and more. Hear from KRCL General Manager Tristin Tabish, Program Director Ebay Hamilton, and Lara Jones and Billy Palmer, hosts of the nightly community affairs program, RadioActive, about the importance of giving a voice to diverse perspectives, and the role listeners play in keeping the music on the air.  

“Ngoma y’Africa” roughly translates to the drumming, dance & songs of Africa. It’s a fitting name for the Ngoma y'Africa Cultural Center in Provo, where volunteers engage in African culture through music, dance, and storytelling. Yvonne Nsabimana Baraketse, President & Creator of Ngoma, and her brother Fabrice “Brice” Nsabimana, the group’s Technical Director, have found in African drumming a way to share their heritage as well as a method of deep, personal healing through collective experience. 

The annual bison roundup on Antelope Island feels like stepping back in time, when cowboys ruled the wild west and the automobile hadn’t been invented yet. For more than 30 years the Antelope Island Bison Roundup has invited riders young and old to try their hand at herding 700 bison, each of which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and run at a top speed of 40 mph. Corralling so many wild animals is a team effort — and for the 200+ members of the public who are willing to take the risk, they’ll stake their faith on their fellow riders.  

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