Never Too Late

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June 2019

Meet four inspiring individuals — Erba Jean Woodruff, Dale Myrberg, and brothers Al and Bob Walkenhorst — who aren’t about to let age keep them from doing what they love. From ballroom dancing to pastry baking and advanced yo-yoing, Jean, Al, Bob, and Dale have left an indelible mark on Utah.

At age 94, Erba Jean Woodruff has been dancing the Fox Trot for most of her life, dancing both competitively and for fun at Hotel Utah, Hotel Newhouse, Saltair and Lagoon over the past 70+ years. Erba Jean and her good friend Molly Kimball, 84, wouldn't miss a chance to break a leg and socialize with Martin Skupinski, the founder of Ballroom Utah Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, and fellow members at weekly Friday night socials. As for how she’s kept up all these years, "it’s move it or you lose it," is Erba Jean’s motto.

How does one become a Yo-Yo Grand Master? According to Utah’s own world class yo-yo man, Dale Myrberg, it all starts with learning the basic "down and up." The 77-year-old yo-yo virtuoso has helped spread the popularity of the sport, performing in the 2002 Winter Olympics and sharing a stage with acts such as the Smother's Brothers, Donny Osmond, Telly Savalez, and Andy Richter. These days, you can find Dale at Snowbird’s annual Oktoberfest, delighting children and adults alike with the magic of the yo-yo, and passing his skills on to the next generation.

Located in the heart of Sugarhouse, Carol’s Pastry Shop has been a Salt Lake City staple since 1948. When bakery owners Al (90) and Bob (86) Walkenhorst first opened their doors to customers, the bakery offered a selection of three pies priced at $0.58 a piece. In the years since, Al and Bob have designed custom confections and towering cakes for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Gail Miller, Norma Matheson, and others. For Al and Bob, Carol’s is more than a business — it’s their lives, and the relationships they’ve built with their customers over the past 71 years is what makes waking at up 5:30AM every day all worthwhile.

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