Vietnam: An Inner View - episode: 0H

Vietnam: An Inner View offers a uniquely stylized, compassionate look at life in country circa 1968. Three-combat-tour Marine veteran Marc Waszkiewicz chronicled day-to-day life in Vietnam across his three combat tours, sending home roll after roll of exposed 35mm & 16mm, color and black & white still images (all against regulations). These uniquely compelling photos are paired with interviews from 1995 & 2016 and supported by an all-original, award-winning rock & roll score by Lea Jones & Waszkiewicz. The result is Vietnam: An Inner View, a one-of-a-kind work that won Best Documentary in the Oregon Independent Film Festival (2018). Vietnam: An Inner View inspires healing dialogue while blowing stereotypes and misconceptions about veterans of the Vietnam War right out the water.
56 minutes
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