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Gigantic, Monster Bubbles!
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Hi! Missy, the artist and guest blogger, here again with an exciting arts & crafts project. I don’t know anything that gets kids more excited than bubbles. They’re fun to blow. They’re fun to pop. They’re beautiful to look at. Bubbles are great! My sister introduced me to the idea of “Monster Bubbles.” So I thought I’d create a project for us to make some of our own gigantic bubbles.

What You Need


  • ½ inch diameter wooden dowel, cut in half
  • Scissors
  • String
  • 2 small screw eyes
  • 2 small metal nuts (or one a bit larger)
  • A cake pan (or other shallow vessel)
  • A ruler
  • 1 ½ C water
  • 2 tsp. Sugar
  • ½ C dish soap
  • A spoon

What You Do


  1. Take one of your dowels and screw one of the screw eyes into one end.
  2. Do the same for the other dowel.
  3. Use your ruler and scissors to measure and cut one 3 ft. piece of string and one 5 ft. piece of string.
  4. Take the 5 ft. piece of string and string it through the middle of your metal nuts.
  5. Tie the nuts in place in the very middle of that 5 ft of string (at the 2 ½ ft. mark).
  6. Now put one end of the 3 ft. string next to one end of the 5 ft. string. Do the same for the opposite ends, matching them up.
  7. Tie each of those matches to one of the screw eyes on the dowel (one end of the 3 ft. string, and one end of the 5 ft. string).
  8. Tie the other end to the other dowel. This is your Gigantic Bubble Wand.
  9. Now go outside and take your cake pan, water, dish soap and sugar. Plus your Gigantic Bubble Wand.
  10. Mix the water, dish soap and sugar in the cake pan using your spoon. This is your Gigantic Bubble Solution.
  11. Grab the ends of your Gigantic Bubble Wand (the end opposite the screw eyes and string), one dowel in each hand.
  12. Dip the metals nuts first then proceed to get the entire string wet in the Gigantic Bubble Solution up to the screw eyes.
  13. Now lift the Gigantic Bubble Wand up and swoosh it across the sky. WOW! Gigantic Bubbles!!!

Sometimes the Gigantic Bubble Wand makes huge bubbles, sometimes it makes smaller ones. Sometimes it even makes a bubble tunnel. See how big your bubbles can get! Be creative and have fun!