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A Changing Harvest
An exploration about the disappearance of local family farms and what that means to Utahns.

Aftermath of Meth
The story of the methamphetamine crisis in rural America - specifically the American West - is a story focused on the devastation of families, individuals, children, ancient tribal rituals and the environment.  It is a story that epitomizes the changing landscape of the rural West, a story happening in our own backyard.

A Home of Their Own
The stories of three families living at the Road Home family shelter in Utah: a single working mother with four children; a single dad with a special needs child; and a mother determined to break the course of her drug addiction. Each family hoping for a safe and a lasting home of their own.

Art Elevated: Utah Governor's Mansion Artist Series
For over two decades, Utah Governor’s Mansion Artist Awards series has honored Utah’s visual, performing, and culinary artists. With a glimpse into each artist’s inspiration and creative process, this limited series highlights Utah’s rich history of art and depth of the state’s creative talent.

Auerbach's and ZCMI Memories
Walk down memory lane in this nostalgic look at ZCMI, the first department store in the United States from 1868 through the 1990s- also featuring Auerbach’s department store.

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Ken Verdoia's two-hour documentary Battalion, uncovers the story of the Mormon Battalion during the War With Mexico. Marching 2,000 miles through a mostly uncharted American Southwest, the 500-man battalion was a pivotal force in fulfilling the national dream of Manifest Destiny. Their experiences, shared in this film through personal correspondence, journals and historical accounts, changed the face and fate of the American West.

Battle Over Bears Ears
At its heart, it’s a battle for homeland and sovereignty. Bears Ears, a remote section of land lined with red cliffs and filled with juniper, sage, is at the center of a fight over who has a say in how Western landscapes are protected and managed.

Beehive Spirits
Utah's history is steeped in alcohol production, yet the industry was lost to conservative politics and federal prohibition. Now, in these latter days, it is being resurrected by brave pioneers of the craft.

Behind The Scenes: Antiques Roadshow in Salt Lake City

Best of KUED

Best of Serenades

Best of This Is Utah

Beyond the Crowds
There was a time when vacation meant American Families packing the kids and sleeping bags into the station wagon, then heading out on lightly traveled roads to set up camp and enjoy the national parks. Today, national parks are more crowded than ever, attracting visitors from around the world. Each year, millions line up to visit Utah's national parks, and solitude is increasingly rare.

Brigham Street
It was a street unlike any in the city – a boulevard of grand proportions, the residence of governors, senators, mining magnates, bankers and merchants. The film, by Issac Goeckeritz, tells the stories of those who lived along the boulevard – Brigham Young, Thomas Kearns, David Keith, Bishop Scanlan, Daniel Jackling, and Enos Wall.

Butch Cassidy and the Outlaw Trail
What really happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Producer John Howe journeys from Utah and Wyoming to Argentina and Bolivia to uncover the real story of the West's most famous outlaws. Follow the outlaw's life from his youth in Circleville, Utah, to the shootout in a remote Bolivian village that may or may not have been his final resting place.

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Call of the Canyon: Zion National Park
For more than 100 years, Zion National Park has captured the hearts of visitors and artists alike with its grandeur, vibrance, and stunning scenery. Explore the history of Zion National Park — from the early explorers and artists whose works inspired the park’s initial establishment, to its current status as a worldwide destination that draws more than 4 million visitors per year.

Candy Bomber
 A documentary about Colonel Gail Halvorsen, a.k.a the Candy Bomber.

Colorectal Cancer in the Black Community
 Host Liz Adeola moderates a panel of experts and colon cancer survivors in this PBS Utah Town Hall.

Contact with Mary Dickson
Contact with Mary Dickson highlights Utah non-profit organizations and upcoming local community events. Weeknights at 9:50pm.

Courthouse - KUED (now PBS Utah) chronicles the history, issues, and human drama forged in Utah's federal courts.

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Debates (Utah Debates)

Digital Shorts

Downwinders and the Radioactive West
In the 1950s and ‘60s, the U.S. government conducted a series of nuclear tests in the Nevada desert. The resulting fallout would kick off a decades-long debate over cancer rates, the costs of patriotism, and the responsibility of a nation to protect its citizens.

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Finding Home: Utah's Refugee Story
The powerful, touching, and inspiring stories of refugees involved in the Utah resettlement program, and their daily struggle to adjust and belong in the American experience.

Fire in the Hole
An examination of the mining labor conflicts that shaped the West during the early 1900s. The two-hour documentary premiered in May 2000.


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The Gerda That Remains
Gerda Saunders embarks on a journey of self-discovery and inquiry as the effects of dementia slowly unravels her identity. A teacher and scientist by trade and grounded in reality, Gerda invites us into her memory loss experience with nuance, poetry and vulnerability. While the disease progresses, Gerda reveals what remains of who she is and what she must let go of.

Governor's Monthly News Conference
The Governor's Monthly News Conference, an unedited exchange between reporters and Governor Spencer Cox.

Glen Canyon: A Dam, Water, and the West
This documentary uses archival photographs, film, and interviews with the key players involved in the dam's construction to present a balanced examination of Western progress. The one-hour documentary was produced and directed by Ken Verdoia. Nancy Green served as associate producer.


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Healing the Warrior's Heart
Healing the Warrior's Heart looks at PTSD through the prism of Native American ceremony, and explores the ancient healing traditions that continue to help.

The Hinckley Report with Jason Perry
The Hinckley Report provides insight and analysis into Utah politics, covering the most pressing political issues facing our state.

Homeless at the End
Homeless at the End, a KUED/PBS Utah original film produced by Sally Shaum and Nancy Green, puts a much-needed human face on the challenges faced by Utah’s homeless .

Hope Lives
This film provides hope through the stories of survivors and of innovative approaches schools are taking to prevent suicide.


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The Jackson Hole Story
 This film details the evolution of Jackson Hole over the course of the 20th century.

Joe Hill
The story of the charismatic union and labor organizer Joe Hill, whose controversial execution by the State of Utah in 1915 left many Americans in protest.


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Lagoon: Rock and Rollercoasters
A fun, nostalgic look at the rich history of Lagoon Amusement Park which has enchanted visitors for generations with its rides, rock concerts, and family fun.

La salud mental entre la comunidad latina
(Mental Health in Latino Communities)

Let's Talk
A show about talking to kids about race and racism. In each episode host Karen Tao has open and honest conversations with parents about the challenges they face and the rewards of having these difficult conversations.

LGBTQIA+ Youth Mental Health Series
Join Andrés Larios Brown, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as they guide us through some steps you (or the young people in your life) can take to explore your identities, build self love, and support your mental health along the way.  

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Marriner Eccles: Father of the Modern Federal Reserve
Marriner Eccles was one of the premier economic thinkers of his time. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, Marriner was integral to the economic policies of the 1930s and '40s; he was a staunch advocate for the independence of the nation's central bank, and a voice of the New Deal.

Martha Hughes Cannon
Martha Hughes Cannon (1857-1932) completed medical school, became the fourth of six wives in a polygamous Mormon marriage, and joined the women’s suffrage movement. In 1896, she was elected the country’s first female state senator, defeating her own husband who was also on the ballot.

Maynard Dixon: To the Desert Again
One hundred years ago, Maynard Dixon roamed the desert seeking to capture the endless sky and towering mesas in paint and poetry. His vision of the west was matchless.

Modern Gardener
PBS Utah's Modern Gardener celebrates and supports the people, organizations, and communities committed to educating and enlightening Utahns about gardening and landscaping in our unique region.

More Than Half
A podcast that uncovers serious challenges facing Utah women and why it takes all of us to overcome them.

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On the Spectrum
This documentary will take the audience to the front lines of Utah’s response, profiling the men, women and children living with and responding to Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the process, this film provides a compelling, visual portrait of an issue that ripples dramatically across ethnic-socio-economic categories.

One Family's War
The simple, eloquent story of the Crandall Family of Sandy, Utah during the Vietnam conflict as told in their own words through audio-cassette recordings shared between parents and son, and augmented by the memories of family members and service buddies.

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PBS Utah Town Halls

Promontory - See the Golden Spike event that marked the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

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RadioWest Films on PBS Utah
Curated stories told through cinematic short films. A collaboration between KUER and PBS Utah, RadioWest Films on PBS Utah is a compilation of intimate tales that deepen our understanding of the West and the people who call it home, curated by the annual RadioWest Filmmaker in Residence.

Red Rocks Retrospective (Utah Gymnastics: Red Rocks Retrospective)
A look at the story behind The University of Utah’s women’s gymnastics team. The film celebrates key coaches and gymnasts of the program while showcasing the inspiring drive of the All-American athletes who vaulted the U’s program to success.

Return of the Wolves: The Next Chapter
Narrated by Peter Coyote, this film explores both sides of the heated issue and examines the role of the wolf in Yellowstone, the West and the Southwest.

Roots, Race & Culture
Roots, Race & Culture invites audiences into bold and honest conversations about race, identity, and culture, from the perspectives and shared experiences of Utah’s Black and POC communities. Hosts and Producers Lonzo Liggins and Danor Gerald cut through the fluff, tackling tough topics with humor, insight, and empathy.

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Search and Rescue
When something goes wrong in the wilderness, search and rescue is there to help. This KUED classic documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Utah’s volunteer Search & Rescue teams, and shows how their on-the-job experiences with life and death have further shaped their lives.

Secrets of the Lost Canyon
In 2004, hundreds of Fremont Indian artifacts were discovered in Utah's Range Creek Canyon.

Splinters of a Nation
During World War II more than 370,000 German prisoners of war were captured overseas and sent to prison camps across America. SPLINTERS OF A NATION tells the extraordinary story of 8,000 prisoners sent to Utah.

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Temple Square
From the earliest days of pioneering settlement in the Utah Territory there was a place — a spot for many to gather in worship, a point from which all distances would be measured in a new society, a crossroads that attracted scrutiny, conflict, and reconciliation. From throughout the world, people have traveled to walk its ground.

The Gerda That Remains
Gerda Saunders embarks on a journey of self-discovery and inquiry as the effects of dementia slowly unravels her identity. A teacher and scientist by trade and grounded in reality, Gerda invites us into her memory loss experience with nuance, poetry and vulnerability. While the disease progresses, Gerda reveals what remains of who she is and what she must let go. 

The Goshute, from We Shall Remain

The Hinckley Report with Jason Perry
The Hinckley Report provides insight and analysis into Utah politics, covering the most pressing political issues facing our state.

The Navajo (Diné), from We Shall Remain

The Northwestern Shoshone, from We Shall Remain

The Paiute, from We Shall Remain

The Ute, from We Shall Remain

This is Utah
This Is Utah celebrates the diverse people and communities that call this place home. Each episode features stories about the arts, culture, food, and events, told through the voices of the individuals who make Utah unique. With Host Liz Adeola.

Tibetans in Utah
An online look at this unique community.

Town Halls (PBS Utah)


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UEA Excellence in Teaching Awards

Unspoken: America's Native American Boarding Schools
A moving and insightful look into the history, operation, and legacy of the federal Indian Boarding School system, whose goal was total assimilation of Native Americans at the cost of stripping away Native culture, tradition, and language.

Utah Conversations with Ted Capener

Utah Debates

Utah Gymnastics: Red Rocks Retrospective
Put together world-class athletes, innovative coaches, and a die-hard fan base, and you've got a recipe for Utah Gymnastics. A KUED Documentary, "Utah Gymnastics: Red Rocks Retrospective" tells the history of the University of Utah women's gymnastics team, from its inception to its success today.

Utah Insight

Utah in the 50's: Salt Lake City

Utah in the 50's: Ogden

Utah's Freedom Riders

Utah Movie Palaces
For over 100 years, motion pictures have captured the imagination of audiences across the U.S. In the beginning, it wasn’t just the spectacle of the silver screen that inspired Americans; it was the theater itself. Utah Movie Palaces takes viewers on a historical road trip to theaters around the state — from Ogden’s Egyptian Theater and Gunnison’s Casino Theater to the Cinedome 70 in Riverdale.

Utah Vietnam War Stories
Thousands of young men and women from every walk of life in Utah served during the Vietnam conflict. Almost 400 of them would never return.

Utah World War II Stories
Utahns tell some of the greatest stories of their lives in The Struggle, Europe, The Pacific, The Home Front and Untold Stories.

Utah World War II Stories: VICTORY!
From battle lines in Europe and the Pacific, to service on the home front in Utah, veterans remember the final days of conflict and the spontaneous explosion of joy at the end of World War Two.


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Wallace Stegner
This film is a portrait of the conservationist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Wallace Stegner.

We Shall Remain: A Native History of Utah
A 5-part series on the five indigenous tribes of the Great Basin Region we now call Utah.

Wild Horses of the West
Explore the complex issues surrounding the fate of wild horses in the American West.

Wild River: The Colorado
Follow the Colorado River from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park through Utah’s Westwater Canyon, the national parks of Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, and Zion, the fragile beauty and rapids of Grand Canyon, and into Mexico.  Set to classical music by some of the world's greatest composers and narrated by Joseph Campanella.

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Yellowstone Symphony
Awe-inspiring, world-class images showcasing the four seasons of Yellowstone National Park and accompanied by world-class music from beloved composers including Mozart and Vivaldi.

Year of the Parks

Your Mental Health
A live PBS Utah Town Hall on the state of mental health in Utah, and the resources available.



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