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Connecting with Utah

PBS Utah's Community Engagement Program pushes the power of public broadcasting beyond the television screen by taking PBS and PBS Utah content into Utah's communities. Through film screenings, activities, and special projects, PBS Utah provides audiences with exceptional storytelling and facilitates dialogue relevant to topics valued by Utahns.

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If you have questions about PBS Utah’s community events, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator, Laura Durham.

Host Your Own PBS Utah Screening

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PBS Utah documentaries explore issues important to Utahns such as the outdoors, homelessness, diversity, and wellness. You can request the rights to screen PBS Utah documentaries for your public event.

Book Club in a Box

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Let PBS Utah help you host your next book club. With three different options to choose from, our “Book Club in a Box” pairs a novel with a PBS documentary that is sure to generate a lively discussion. Request your free box before they are gone!

PBS Utah Events

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From Our Film Screening Supporters

"When the lights come up after the show has ended and there is not one dry eye in the house, you know you have done your job. What an incredibly moving and powerful film!"
‑ Homeless at the End, November 2017

"The topic of mental health and homelessness has been on my mind for a while and seeing the film just pushes me to get more involved."
‑ I Am another You, February 2018

"This class gave me more information about how impactful country music has been on different musicians. Thank you for offering new experiences."
‑ Country Music Class, September 2019

"The combination of the film screening and the panel discussion was powerful. I came away with a deeper understanding of the difficulties individual people face in homelessness."
‑ A Home of Their Own, February 2018

"I learned a lot about country music. I watched all the specials on PBS. I definitely developed an appreciation for country music that I did not have before."
‑ Country Music Class, September 2019

"Very thought provoking presentation on an unfamiliar subject. These programs definitely broaden your horizons. Thank you PBS Utah!"
‑ College Behind Bars, November 2019

"I don't normally watch TV, but this episode of Victoria was stunning enough to make me eager to power up the TV!"
‑ Victoria, March 2018