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This week we are focusing on family, and what better way to spend time together than with a game night! Checkout our version of the Headbands Game.

Join our guest blogger, Lindsey, for storytime that is all about spring. She shares her favorite rhymes and two springtime stories: "Spring is Here!" by Will Hillenbrand and "Where is Tippy Toes?" by Betsy Lewin.

Spring has sprung and we can finally be outside in the sunshine. So grab some paper, markers, and your favorite toys - we are going to draw our toys using light and shadows!

Windmills have been used since medieval times to convert wind power into rotational energy via blades. This fun activity that will help kids understand aerodynamics and friction while testing their windmill in the breeze outside.

Encourage your kids to take a break from the screens and get into a good book. Making one of these adorable springtime origami bookmarks will get theme excited about picking up their next book!

We are going to design and engineer a homemade marble run using items that we already have on hand. Start collecting your toilet paper and paper towel tubes in preparation for this activity.

PBS KIDS engineering games, on the website and in the app store, help us learn more about the engineering and design process. 

Test your design skills by building a fort out of materials found at home, and see if it can hold and protect your Teddy Bear.

What can you find around your house that will make a boat? Using things that might otherwise be thrown away is a great way to recycle. Let’s use our imaginations and figure out how to build our very own boats.

We are kicking off Engineering Week by designing and building our own marble mazes using items found around the house!

The PBS KIDS Utah Writers & Illustrators Contest is celebrating its 19th year with the theme “Explore the Outdoors.” Get inspired for your story by exploring your natural world, from backyard bird feeders, to nature walks, to hiking or camping adventures you have gone on with your family.

It's day 3 of learning more about "The World Around Us," and today we are going to get outside and go on a neighborhood nature walk. Just because we are stuck at home, doesn't mean we need to be cooped up inside. Let's get outside and discover the nature around us.

Today we are featuring a guest blogger, Missy, an artist who loves to explore the world around her and draw what she sees. She has put together a book to help children ages 3-10 draw things from the natural world. Check it out!

This week we are exploring the world around us, and we are starting right in our own kitchens! Just because we are cooped up, doesn't mean we can't still learn from the world around us. 

Let's get our wiggles out with some astronaut fitness! Watch how an astronaut get physical activity in space and then complete your own Astronaut Training Checklist.


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