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Missy has a great idea for turning that rock collection into a fun summer afternoon activity. After gathering rocks while out in your yard, on a nature walk, or at the park - decorate them and turn them into Rock Friends!

It’s July, which means it's time for fireworks! Join our guest blogger Missy to learn how to make paper fireworks to display in your window for the Fourth of July holiday.

During June and July we are sharing with you our favorite Summer Camp activities that you and your kiddos can do from home! Check out this Road Trip Bingo game to play next time you and your kids head out on an adventure!

Did you make Friendship Bracelets when you went to summer camp? This project takes time and patience, but is SO worth the beautiful outcome! Friendship Bracelets make great gifts for friends or family or even for yourself!

Looking for fun summer activity ideas? Have you and your family made your summer bucket list yet? Checkout this printable from PBS KIDS.

All of our neighborhoods should be places of kindness, empathy, and understanding where families and children can safely thrive.

School is out, summer is here, and our guest blogger Missy is whipping up some healthy snacks in the kitchen for Healthy Habits week.

Have you ever seen an orange cut in half and noticed it’s intricate beauty? What about an apple or even an onion? Fruits and veggies are not only healthy and delicious, they make really neat stamps!

This Sesame Street toolkit helps us focus on healthy habits in the home, like: washing hands, eating healthy, getting physical activity in each day, and safely enjoying some sun!

PBS Utah is a proud supporter of The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Head to the blog to learn about the fun challenges and how you and your kids can earn a free book.

School is out, summer is almost here, and our guest blogger Missy is whipping up some healthy snacks in the kitchen to kick off our Healthy Habits activities.

Sesame Street celebrates heroes in our neighborhoods with a fun song and video plus activities for you and your little one to do together!

As school wraps up for the year, it's time to thank your children's teachers for all their hard work over the year. Check out these cards your children can fill out online and then email to their teachers!

Acknowledge and thank your neighbors who are supporting your community right now. Missy, our artist friend and guest blogger, has a great idea for showing your neighbors and community helpers how much you appreciate them.

Let's share our gratitude with the community helpers who are keeping essential services up and running in our community. Watch the videos to learn about community helpers' roles, and then decorate a card to send to helpers in your community. PBS Utah wants to thank all our community helpers!


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