Contact with Mary Dickson

Contact with Mary Dickson airs weeknights at 9:55 p.m. on PBS Utah. The long-running community service series features interviews with non-profit and arts organizations. Filmed in the PBS Utah studio, the interviews provide an important outlet for more than 300 non-profit groups each year to reach a broader community audience with information about their services and upcoming events.

If your organization or non-profit would like to appear on Contact with Mary Dickson, please email the producer at

The Salt Lake City Police Foundation will address bullying at this years Five-O-Fest. Here to tell us more is Chief Chris Burbank. 

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is Celebrating 100 years of collecting. Here to tell us more is Raymond Tymas-Jones. 

The Ogden Music Festival is celebrating its seventh year of music and festivities. Here to tell us more about this year's festival is Reba Nissen. 

The Heritage Day Celebration showcases Spring City’s charming pioneer-era homes and buildings. Here to tell us more Alison Anderson. 

Seeds of Remembrance brings people together to commemorate the memory of those they have loved and lost. Here to tell us more about this year's presentation is Katherine Supiano. 

This year’s Gifted Music School Orchestra's Spring Concert will be conducted by Utah Symphony associate conductor Vladimir Kulenovic. Here to tell us more is Meili Bell. 

The Salt Lake Men's Choir upcoming concert is all about ABBA. Here to tell us more is Steven Ireland. 

Wasatch Elementary is celebrating 20 years of arts in education at their Annual Arts Showcase Gala. 

Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural Curiosity will host more than 400 interactive experiences for families. Here to tell us more is Britnee Johnston. 

The Living Traditions Festival is a celebration of Salt Lake's folk and ethnic arts. Here to tell us more is Jesse Schaefer. 

The Natural History Museum of Utah is hosting their annual benefit, An Evening of Illumination. Here to tell us more is Muffy Mead-Ferro. 

The Utah PTA is hosting its annual Leadership Convention this May. Here to tell us more is PTA President Liz Zentner. 

The Brain Injury Alliance is hosting a family event to benefit traumatic brain injury survivors. Here to tell us more is George Gehling. 

This May, Wasatch Community Gardens will hosts its annual Plant Sale. Here to tell us more is Ashley Patterson.