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Clifford The Big Red Dog Game

Children develop important skills with Clifford and friends as they travel around Birdwell Island helping their neighbors and playing fun learning activities.

Spring has sprung and we can finally be outside in the sunshine. So grab some paper, markers, and your favorite toys - we are going to draw our toys using light and shadows!

Windmills have been used since medieval times to convert wind power into rotational energy via blades. This fun activity that will help kids understand aerodynamics and friction while testing their windmill in the breeze outside.

Encourage your kids to take a break from the screens and get into a good book. Making one of these adorable springtime origami bookmarks will get theme excited about picking up their next book!

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PBS KIDS has an unwavering vision of a world where all children can reach their potential and is committed to using the power of media to work towards that goal. PBS KIDS is the #1 educational media brand and the leader in innovation in children’s FREE educational online games. PBS and PBS KIDS Utah is a trusted and safe place on TV, on digital platforms, and on mobile devices.

PBS KIDS’ dedication to putting children first and giving them the support they need to learn, grow, and thrive is making a difference. With an approach that nurtures the whole child, PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS Utah offer a unique service that parents trust, kids love, and the public values.