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Season 2 Episode 6

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The Politics of Redistricting

For the first time in a decade, Utah will redraw its legislative boundaries for both state and federal representation. In 2011 the process was contentious and, some argue, overly political. What’s different in 2021? And how are everyday people influencing the outcome this time around? We bring together stakeholders from both sides of the aisle to discuss the impact across the state.

Correction: In this program, it was stated that the Utah Legislature changed the function of the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission from a binding to advisory role. This is not correct. The original text of Proposition 4, as approved by Utah voters in 2018, created the Independent Redistricting Commission as an advisory body. It never had binding authority.


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Impact of Redistricting 

Utah’s second congressional district is large, covering the area from St. George in southern Utah all the way to Salt Lake City on the Wasatch Front. Some critics use these vast boundaries as an example of unfair districting in the state. We talked to three voters in CD2 about whether they feel their voices are heard, and what they think about the process.