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Season 2 Episode 9

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The Purse Strings of Public Lands

The federal government owns nearly two-thirds of all the land in Utah, and the way that land gets managed often impacts rural budgets. From revenue generated by tourism, to the complex way local governments are compensated for lost property taxes, the issue can be complicated. We’re bringing together leaders from around the state to discuss the intricate economics of Utah’s public lands.

Correction: In this program, part of the discussion referenced states with no public lands. According to analysis by the Congressional Research Service, every state in the nation has at least some federally owned and managed land within its borders. However, compared to Utah’s 63.1 percent, only Nevada has a higher percentage (80.1 percent) of its land controlled by the federal government. At least 13 states have less than two percent of total land controlled by the federal government.

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Impact of Land Management

Decisions about land management in Utah can often have unintended consequences. In Daggett County, a plan to save endangered fish in the Green River backfired on farmers and local businesses. Meet some of the people dealing with the fallout, and learn how they hope to move forward.