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Utah Debates



Salt Lake City Mayoral Debate

Salt Lake City Mayoral Debate featuring 3 candidates moderated by Lauren Gustus. PBS Utah, in partnership with KUER and The Salt Lake Tribune, presents the Salt Lake City Mayoral Debate, featuring candidates Rocky Anderson, Erin Mendenhall, and Michael Valentine. Learn about the vision of the candidates campaigning for the role of Salt Lake City Mayor. The debate will allow viewers to gain meaningful insights into the candidates' positions and ideas for the city's future.

Debate sobre la alcaldía de Salt Lake City

PBS Utah, en colaboración con KUER y The Salt Lake Tribune, presenta el debate sobre la alcaldía de Salt Lake City, con los candidatos Rocky Anderson, Erin Mendenhall, y Michael Valentine. Conozca la visión de los candidatos en campaña para la posición de alcalde de Salt Lake City. El debate permitirá a los telespectadores conocer mejor las posturas e ideas de los candidatos para el futuro de la ciudad.

Ogden Mayoral Debate

KUER, PBS Utah, and the Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service are excited to announce our Ogden mayoral debate, featuring candidates Taylor Knuth and Ben Nadolski. The debate took place October 19 at 6:30 p.m. on the campus of Weber State University and was moderated by KUER’s Caroline Ballard. This engaging and informative debate shed light on the vision, policies and plans of the candidates campaigning to be Ogden’s next mayor. The partnership between PBS Utah, KUER, and the Weber State’s Walker Institute demonstrates a commitment to delivering a well-rounded and comprehensive debate experience to the community.

Utah Congressional District 2 Debate

Discover the lively and informative debate between Second Congressional District candidates Celeste Maloy (Republican) and Kathleen Riebe (Democrat) from November 21, 2023. Moderated by Mary Weaver Bennett of the Michael O. Leavitt Center, this discussion will tackle key district and national issues, providing impartial insights you won't want to miss.