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Anne Kocherhans, Aerial Artist

Anne Kocherhans, co-owner of Aerial Arts of Utah since it's inception in 2010, was first attracted to aerial dance because of it’s extraordinary visual beauty, and soon became enamored with the physical and mental challenge that the art form presents. She has been dancing in the air ever since!

Anne holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Studies from the University of Utah, where she produced award winning documentary films both locally and abroad.  Her film background contributes to the production of AAofU’s many public, private and corporate performances.  In addition to performing, she manages all aspects of AAofU's aerial school.  She is also a long time hairstylist.  Her husband, Malcolm Stewart, is AAofU's dedicated rigging engineer.  She enjoys raising her daughters, Chloe and Grace, who inspire and amaze every day.


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