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Desarae Lee, Illustrator

Desarae Lee is a fine artist and illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her medium of choice is pen and ink with watercolor washes.  She is best known for her intaglio-like drawings. Her work has been featured at galleries and shows across the nation.

“It is hard to put your inspiration into words when you yourself do not even know where it comes from.  Mormons call it the Spirit, Romantic poets called it the “divine winds,” Freud called it the subconscious, but anyone who’s ever been touched by it knows that there really are no words for it.  Rather than look for inspiration, I look for avenues through which I can connect to that it; things that remind me of lives I may have lived or people I may have been.  Most reliably, I find that connection through things like taxidermied animals, traveling carnivals, and vintage photographs from the turn of the century.” - Desare Lee


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