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Sun Prints Craft
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Use the power of the sun and plants from the garden to create sun-bleached printed artwork!
Credit: Missy Maxwell

Hi everyone! My name is Missy and I’m an illustrator and arts/crafts blogger for PBS KIDS Utah. Printmaking is one of my favorite art mediums. A “print” is an image transferred to a surface. Today we are going to utilize the sun for this process!


  • Construction paper (dark colors)
  • Garden clippers or scissors
  • Clear plastic page protectors
  • Flat items from around your yard/house


Place your chosen objects inside the clear plastic page protectors, laid flat on top of the construction paper.



  1. Search your yard/house for flat items. Use your garden clippers or scissors to cut leaves or flowers or small branches. You can use inside things too: buttons, silverware, cut papers, etc.
  2. On a sunny day, arrange the flat things on your construction paper.
  3. Carefully slide a page protector over the construction paper (rearrange the flat things if needed).
  4. Lay the covered construction paper out on your driveway or deck for about 3 hours.
  5. Remove the page protector and the flat items from your paper and Voila! You have a beautiful Sun Print!


The finished product!

*** You can also buy Sun Art Paper and follow the instructions on the package for more contrasting results. 

Did you notice that items with a more interesting shape created a more interesting Sun Print? My favorite items to use are lichens and ferns. What were your favorites? Try all sorts of items and have fun!