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"A wonderful and big-hearted resource." 

— Susan

"I learned better ways to approach and discuss the topic of differences with my children. " 

— Hailey

"I feel motivated to support National Parks and VOTE." 

— Anonymous

"Despite living in UT, I had never really considered the history of Zion. It just gave me a greater overall appreciation of the land, which I already had great appreciation for. I feel motivated to assist in conservation efforts."

— Kymberly

"I feel motivated to continue finding moments of rest and use these moments to propel myself forward so I can be well and do good." 

— Sara

"I feel motivated to keep my brain and body active." 

— Susan

"I learned that I have a personal connection to the founding women of Utah."  

— Jessi

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This project is made possible by a generous grant from Utah Humanities and the Bastian Foundation.

Utah Humanities - Ideas in Action
BW Bastion Foundation