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Mental Health in Latino Communities
(La salud mental entre la comunidad latina)

Did you know that while white and Latino communities have similar levels of mental illness, Latino communities access care less often? Lack of affordable options, racial discrimination, and fear of legal repercussions due to immigration status can make finding support difficult. The fact that providers may lack cultural competence and language adds further barriers. 

We’ve partnered with Latino Behavioral Health Services to tackle the topic of mental health in the Latino community. Executive director Javier Alegre tells us more about dispelling stigma, ways to find support, and the importance of culturally relevant services.


Culturally Relevant Mental Health Services

Latino Behavioral Health Services (community-based nonprofit organization) 

LBHS provides behavioral health, mental health, and substance use disorders services that are trauma informed, culturally responsive, and language specific. LBHS provides wraparound care to its participants, incorporating therapy, peer support, case management, psychoeducational classes, skills building training, and social activities aimed to enhance social connectedness, a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to experience and share cultural backgrounds, beliefs, food, music, art, etc. with other participants. LBHS’s services are free of charge, with the exception of therapy and peer support; however, fees are calculated based on household income (or lack thereof). Programs are designed to support the Latino/Hispanic community regardless of their ability to pay. LBHS focuses on low income, uninsured, undocumented, and other intersections between the Latino/Hispanic and other marginalized communities, such as people who identify as LGBTQ+.  Visit Website >

Holy Cross Ministries (community-based nonprofit organization) 

Holy Cross Ministries provides behavioral health services, legal services, housing services, and other critical need services to low income, uninsured, undocumented, and other Latino/Hispanic marginalized communities. Visit Website >

Inclusive Minded Counseling (community-based nonprofit organization) 

Simple Minded Counseling provides behavioral health/mental health services to individuals and families who have experience acute trauma in their lives, particularly sexual assault and domestic violence. Programming is fee-for-service, and some insurance providers are accepted. Cost may be a barrier for low income families. Visit Website >

Multicultural Counseling Center (clinical for profit organization)

Multicultural Counseling Center provides trauma informed short term behavioral health services. Services are available to children, adolescents, and adults in group, couples, family, and individual settings. Cost may be a barrier for low income families. Some insurance providers are accepted.  Visit Website >


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