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Season One | Episode 5

Buffalo Soldiers

Explore the history, contributions, and legacy of Utah’s Buffalo Soldiers.

Long before Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldiers — Black Americans who served on the Western frontier during the Civil War — were changing the face of the American West. We explore the uplifting, courageous, and inspiring story of Utah’s Buffalo Soldiers. Historians Fiona Robinson and Robert Burch shed light on this misunderstood group of men who helped transform the state of Utah into what it is today.

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11 Hauz

Good food isn't the only thing being served up at this authentic Jamaican restaurant.

At 11 Hauz in Park City, good food is only part of the allure. This family-run eatery is serving up the tastes of Jamaica right alongside stories of heritage and hard work. Learn about the history of this authentic cuisine, and how family bonds are inspiring a new generation in the kitchen.

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Learn why some early Utah settlers didn't want the Buffalo Soldiers to leave.

Roots, Race & Culture hosts Danor Gerald and Lonzo Liggins continue their conversation with historians Fiona Robinson and Robert Burch about Utah's famed Buffalo Soldiers. Learn why some early Utah settlers didn't want the Buffalo Soldiers to leave the state, and how the group's lasting legacy can still help empower Black children today.