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Season Two Episode One

Black Social Media

Black culture has developed a unique relationship with social media. How are Utahns using social media to generate awareness and express culture, beliefs and values that have historically been filtered by mainstream media through the lens of white gatekeepers?

This episode of Roots, Race & Culture has been selected as a finalist for the Denton Film Festival! We couldn't be prouder to be a part of @DentonBFF's lineup for 2024. Join hosts @lonzoliggons and @danor.gerald, along with the talented @blackmenaces, as we explore the influence of Black Social Media. Our episode will be screened at the Denton Black Film Festival this month and is also a finalist for "Best Web/Episodic Series. Stay tuned for the winners, which will be announced at the awards show on January 27th. Find out more at

Black Social Media

Extended Interview

When BIPOC communities use social media to promote activism and social causes, they often face backlash online. In this extended conversation from Roots, Race & Culture, Danor and Lonzo chat with two members of the "Black Menaces" and Kenny Akers, a local activist, about how they got involved in social media, and why they stay active even in the face of hate.