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Season Five

Season five Episode two

Making a Mark

Celebrate the impact of three remarkable women paving the way for future generations. Pilar Pobil, a self-taught artist nearing 100 years old, showcases her extraordinary talent in Pilar's Art Garden. Mercedes Randhahn, a determined teenage science fair champion, aims to revolutionize breast cancer treatment and address the low representation of women in STEM fields. Belia Paz, a Latina media activist, manages influential Spanish-language radio stations and empowers Latina women through her organization, Mujeres Unidas de Utah (United Women of Utah). Join this inspiring journey to celebrate the strength and impact of these incredible women who are leaving their mark on Utah and paving the way for future generations.

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Pilar's Art Garden 

The Colorful World of Artist Pilar Pobil

Pilar Pobil is a remarkable artist whose talent and influence stretches throughout Utah. Pilar, a fierce advocate for women and artists, has dedicated her life to creating captivating pieces that often give voice to the voiceless. Her passion beyond the paint includes helping the arts flourish in local communities. Pilar is a testament to the ability of artistry to transcend life’s many obstacles.


A Teen's Hope to Cure Cancer

Follow the journey of Mercedes Randhahn, a determined teenager whose passion for creating change has led her to become a champion in science fairs. Mercedes is set on revolutionizing breast cancer treatment, and recognizing the low participation of women in STEM fields in Utah. She is on a mission to create more female representation and make a significant impact in the field of science. 

Voz Latina 

How a Media Activist Unites Women in Utah

Belia Paz is a Latina media activist and visionary. With her role as the manager of two influential Spanish-language radio stations and the founder of Mujeres Unidas de Utah, she has become a force for empowering Latina women in Utah. Belia's dedication to her cause is evident as her organization provides support and resources to help women escape domestic violence and flourish in their community.

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