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Join us as we celebrate the diverse stories that make Utah an exceptional place to explore.

Join us for an incredible journey across the diverse landscapes of Utah as we uncover new and unique experiences, landmarks, cultures, and people. Host and Producer Liz Adeola takes you on a captivating adventure through the heart of Utah, showcasing the vibrant stories that make this state truly extraordinary. 

Season 5 of This Is Utah celebrates the diverse people, arts, culture, sports, and environments that make Utah a distinctive and delightful place to explore.

   Season 5 Episodes

Season Five Episode One


Discover the heartwarming story of Luna Lobos, a sanctuary for dogs that has transformed into a place of healing and learning for both humans and animals. Experience the importance of restoring habitats for endangered species in the segment Something Fishy & uncover the little-known history of Polynesian settlers in Utah and witness how their legacy is preserved today in Pioneers of Aloha

Season Five Episode two

Making a Mark

Meet three women who are making a difference in Utah. Pilar Pobil, a nearly 100-year-old self-taught artist, showcases her exceptional talent. Teen Mercedes Randhahn seeks to revolutionize breast cancer treatment and promote women in STEM fields. Belia Paz, a Latina media activist, manages influential Spanish-language radio stations and empowers Latina women through Mujeres Unidas de Utah.

Season Five Episode three


Uncover the power of art and culture in fostering connections and a sense of belonging in Utah. In the episode Belonging, we delve into two captivating segments, Oaxaca en Utah and Utah Drag. Immerse yourself in the rich Indigenous Mexican culture celebrated in a festival in Kaysville, organized by the non-profit group Oaxaca en Utah. Meet Ramón, an artist whose giant puppets bridge the gap between cultures and captivate audiences. Dive into the vibrant drag scene in Utah, where performers have carved out their own space and created a welcoming community. Witness the challenges they've faced and the recognition and acceptance they've gained. Join us on this emotional journey as art and culture showcase the transformative power of belonging and inclusivity in Utah.

Season Five Episode four


In the exhilarating episode Legendary, we take you on a captivating journey into the world of skiing, figure skating, and basketball. Meet extraordinary sports figures who have left an indelible mark in Utah and beyond. Experience the inspirational story of a 98-year-old extreme skier who defies age and continues to hit the slopes with unmatched passion. Hear from a young figure skater who is dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity within the sport. Explore the extraordinary life and legacy of Wat Misaka, a basketball player and WWII veteran who shattered racial barriers in the game. Witness the joy, resilience, and groundbreaking achievements of these legendary sports icons as they continue to inspire and shape the landscape of Utah sports.

   About Liz Adeola, Host/Story Producer

Liz Adeola is the Host of This Is Utah and she also produces several of the stories you see on the series. Liz is a storyteller at heart who loves to listen and learn about the incredible experiences of life. She is fascinated by the little moments that forge major breakthroughs in our humanity.

Liz began her career in television working behind the scenes at PBS (KAET) while studying at the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism at Arizona State University (ASU) and leading the school’s Association of Multicultural Journalists. Before graduating from ASU with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Politics, Liz traveled across the country interviewing people for the documentary 14 Days In America - the Face of Freedom Project. With her degree and hands-on experience in tow, Liz traveled across the country working in various roles such as producer, reporter, multimedia journalist, and anchor in local newsrooms. Liz even worked for a brief stint in local radio giving community updates and weather forecasts. A life-long learner, Liz studied strategic communication at Purdue University and graduated with a Master of Science in Communication with dual concentrations in Advertising and Public Relations.

All these experiences birthed within Liz, an affinity for telling positive and uplifting stories that make people smile and feel motivated to do good in the world. An avid volunteer since the age of 12, Liz loves giving back to the community. She is the co-chair of the University of Utah’s Black Faculty and Staff Association’s annual State of Utah, Black Affairs Summit, a community event that showcases resources and thought-provoking discussions for Utah’s Black community. She volunteers with Adopt A Native Elder and serves on the board of two groups: Public Media Women in Leadership and the Utah Society of Professional Journalists. Liz is also an Ambassador for Public Media Women in Leadership, often moderating discussions and leading panels to inspire and help women navigate the workplace.

In her spare time, Liz has worked with the American Diabetes Association on award winning national campaigns to raise awareness on detecting diabetes early. Liz is also an educator who enjoys speaking to students who are interested in broadcast journalism. She teaches future journalists online at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Since joining PBS Utah Liz has earned multiple Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards including one for her talent as Television Host on This Is Utah. She also has been recognized by Utah Society of Professional Journalist with multiple first place awards for her work at PBS Utah and was the recipient of the Maya Angelou Award of Innovation by the University of Utah’s Black Faculty and Staff Association.

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