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Season Three

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Join host Liz Adeola for season 3 of This Is Utah, as we meet a modern-day mountain man, learn to grow organic produce with the Punk Rock Farmer, experience the solstice at Nancy’s Holt’s “Sun Tunnels,” run sheep through downtown Brigham City with Lane Jensen, and more!

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Season Three Episode One

The Art of Healing

Art has a special way of resonating with people, bringing to light complex emotions that cannot always be conveyed through words. We’ll meet the people & organizations using art a powerful tool for healing —from Diné fine arts photographer Eugene Tapahe to award-winning spoken word artist Jaruwat Maendl to a new interactive play from the Utah Shakespeare Festival entitled “Every Brilliant Thing.”

Season Three Episode two

In Your Backyard

Utahns are known for traveling far and widein search of adventure, but sometimes the greatest adventures can be found close to home. We’ll examine three stories of stopping to smell the roses, with Punk Rock Farmer Aldine Grossi, the teens and local organizations working to clean the Jordan River, and the meaning of objects as a reflection of their owners with All in the Family Estate Sales.

Season Three Episode three

Passion Project

Passion —it’s what drives us to get up in the morning, put nose to the grindstone, and accomplish great things. We’ll meet three people with passion projects of their own, touring Emigration Canyon with artist Carel Brest van Kempen, learning from the industriousness of bees with beekeeper Adesina Daniel Oduntan, and connecting with land &the universe through Nancy Holt’s famous Sun Tunnels.

Season Three Episode four

Female Firsts

To change the world, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. We’ll meet three pioneering women who have fought for change on their own terms, from pro skier and activist Caroline Gleich to suffragist, doctor, and state senator Martha HughesCannon to Alyssha Dairsow, whose organization Curly Me! is teaching young girls how to love their natural, curly hair.

Season Three Episode five

Family Traditions

In a world of modern technology, there’s something uniquely rewarding about doing things the way your father or grandfather might have done them. We’ll meet three individuals who are keeping the spirit of the past alive for a new generation, from the fireflies on the historic Thompson Century Farm to an annual sheep run through Brigham City to a modern-day mountain man in Cache Valley.

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